Trade 50+ popular shares with low margin requirements.

What Are Shares?

CFD trading on shares gives traders the opportunity to place both long and short positions which could result in gains from a price increase or fall, respectively. Scope Markets offers popular shares like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.

Also, check out our Cannabis stocks!

Why Trade Shares with Scope Markets?

  • Popular global shares
  • Low margin requirements
  • No commissions
  • No hidden charges

Shares Trading Conditions

AVGOUS Broadcom Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
TXNUS Texas Instruments Incorporated 1 5 09:30-16:00
QRVOUS Qorvo Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
MCHPUS Microchip Technology Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
JNPRUS Juniper Networks Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
HPEUS Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co 1 5 09:30-16:00
AMATUS Applied Materials Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
CTXSUS Citrix Systems Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
FCXUS Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
AIRFR Airbus Group 1 5 03:02-11:30
AMZNUS Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
AAPLUS Apple Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
BAUS Boeing Company 1 5 09:30-16:00
FBUS Facebook Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
GOOGUS Alphabet Inc. - Class C 1 5 09:30-16:00
INTCUS Intel Corporation 1 5 09:30-16:00
MSFTUS Microsoft Corporation 1 5 09:30-16:00
NFLXUS Netflix Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
NVDAUS Nvidia Corporation 1 5 09:30-16:00
TUS AT&T Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
QCOMUS Qualcomm Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
TSLAUS Tesla Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
UTXUS United Technologies Corporation 1 5 09:30-16:00
VZUS Verizon Communications Inc. 1 5 09:30-16:00
BMWDE BMW AG 1 5 03:00-11:30
BASDE BASF SE 1 5 03:00-11:30
BAYNDE Bayer AG 1 5 03:00-11:30
DAIDE Daimler AG 1 5 03:00-11:30
SAPDE SAP SE 1 5 03:00-11:30
SIEDE Siemens AG 1 5 03:00-11:30
CSFR Axa SA 1 5 03:02-11:30
BNPFR BNP Paribas SA 1 5 03:02-11:30
ORFR L'Oreal SA 1 5 03:02-11:30
UGFR Peugeot SA 1 5 03:02-11:30
VIVFR Vivendi SA 1 5 03:02-11:30
SANES Banco Santander SA 1 5 03:00-11:28
BKIAES Bankia 1 100 03:00-11:28
BBVAES BBVA 1 5 03:00-11:28
DIAES Distribuidora Intl de Aliment 1 100 03:00-11:28
ENGES Enagas SA 1 100 03:00-11:28
ITXES Inditex SA 1 5 03:00-11:28
TREES Tecnicas Reunidas 1 100 03:00-11:28
REPES Repsol 1 5 03:00-11:28
TEFES Telefónica 1 5 03:00-11:28
ACBCA Aurora Cannabis 1 100 09:30-16:00
CGCUS Canoby Growths corporations 1 20 09:30-16:00
WEEDCA Canoby Growths corporations 1 100 09:30-16:00
CRONCA Cronos Group Inc 1 20 09:30-16:00
TLRYUS Tilary 1 100 09:30-16:00
PINSUS PINTEREST 1 100 09:30-16:00
UBERUS UBER 1 100 09:30-16:00
Note: Market Hours for US Shares is from 09:30 EST* (Sunday) to 16:00 EST* (Friday).
Market Hours for EU Shares is from 03:00 EST* (Sunday) to 11:30 EST* (Friday).
* MT5 Server Time (GMT -4)

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Scope Markets offers institutional and retail trading services to businesses and traders worldwide. Our top management team has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and we are proud of the solid partnerships we built over the years. Whether it's a business or individual, Scope Markets has a wide range of trading solutions that are compliant, flexible, cost-efficient, innovative, and place the client first.

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Scope Markets SA (PTY) Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa ('FSCA') under license number FSP47025.
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Risk Investment Notice:

Trading forex/CFD's on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors as you could sustain losses in excess of deposits. Leverage can work against you. Be aware and fully understand all risks associated with the markets and trading.
Prior to trading any products provided by Scope Markets Ltd as marketed by Scope Markets SA (Pty) Ltd, carefully consider your financial situation and experience level. The products and services provided by Scope Markets Ltd includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses in excess of your deposited funds.
The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.

Restricted Regions:

Scope Markets SA (PTY) Ltd does not offer its services to the residents of certain jurisdictions such as EU Member States, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Afghanistan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Panama, Somalia, Syrian Arab Republic, Uganda, United States of America, Canada, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

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